Ada will find you a apartment

Meet Ada. It is an AI-powered personal assistant who will help you rent your next apartment. If you say what you are looking for, Ada will text you the best listings and schedule a meeting for you. Free of charge!

Replace your current apartment

Let Ada check if anything better than your current apartment is available on the market. No commitments.

Find a brand new apartment

If you need to rent right away, Ada will send you our listings and help choose the best apartment.

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It’s like Google for renting apartments

Ada wants to help you make the best decision possible by utilizing what it knows about your city to aid your decision making. When you are in doubt, Ada can advise you about the best location and the best price.

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Personal scheduler

After Ada analyzes your criteria, it will match you with the most suitable listings. If you’re interested, Ada will message the owner and schedule a meeting for you. Just say when you are available. Ada will do the rest.

Supercharge your choices

Natalie was looking for an apartment that would be closer to her office. Ada asked her what she needed, and then analyzed her city to look for the best location possible. Today, Natalie saves 240 hours a year on commuting—all thanks to Ada’s suggestions.

  • Property research made simple
  • Check the facts about the local area around any property
  • Be sure of your decisions even if you’re a newcomer

A helping hand

If there’s a more effective way to find a good offer, Ada can ask if you want to change your criteria. Who knows, maybe you’ll find an apartment you weren’t looking for—but it still will be perfect for you.

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Take a break

Websites with rental listings offer an overwhelming selection of listings that isn’t customized to what you need. They make you spend a lot of time on looking for a decent apartment. As your assistant, Ada will handle all the boring stuff so you could focus on what really matters.

  • Calendar and reminders—all in one place
  • Have Ada handle scheduling for you
  • Save time. Don’t search for listings. Let them find you

No service fee


💸 Ada works for you free of charge. Ada doesn’t take commissions, either, and only points you to anyone who’s in charge of the apartment that will work best for you. No middlemen on our side. Neat, isn’t it?

No app to download


📲 If you want to hire Ada, just text using Facebook Messenger. Ada will reply and ask you about everything we need to find you a place. Really, you can just text Ada every time you need to find an apartment. It’s that simple.

Find the perfect apartment

You don’t have to spend your time looking for an apartment on your own anymore. Hire a personal assistant that will do it for you. For free.

Not looking for a flat right now?

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